Connected devices and their infrastructure have opened up a world
of possibilities for our everyday lives. And with every new step towards
a more efficient, customizable lifestyle, a new device pops up.

Water is the foundation of our needs and comfort, but it remains
a stone unturned in this wave of interconnected services. Delivery
options are limited, costs seem arbitrary, purity is unclear, and the
origins are unknown. We can barely trace the pipes through our
own houses let alone where they come from.

Āpas is building the ultimate experience for every area of water
delivery and consumption. Think water-as-a-service. Using logistics
powered by ever-learning algorithms, Āpas automatically delivers
high quality water tailored to your behavior and preferences —
from spring to dispenser.

Through rethinking water supplies and appliances, we hope to send
some ripples through the rest of the lifestyle ecosystem. Stay tuned.

Stay tuned

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